I love pictures. To my intense disappointment, I can't draw.

I started making collages as a kid, with magazines, scissors, and glue. Soon after my postgrad return to Portland, I discovered photography and fell in love with Nikons and Kodachrome (for the same excellent reasons as Paul Simon). I lugged around a bagful of oddball lenses and filters and just went nuts.

But reality proved to be so balky, compared to the pictures in my head! Then along came powerful computers, color monitors, and paint programs—promising stuff. When Photoshop appeared, I got a bunch of slides converted to that newfangled PhotoCD format and fell headlong down the rabbit hole. Been there ever since.

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I still enjoy taking photos, but it's different now. Sometimes I go for the image; sometimes it's the pixels I'm after. Either way, I'm keenly aware of a now-daunting array of possibilities.

Here are a few instances where I was going for the image.
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When making collages, I work only with my own images, which simplifies the matter of copyright and leaves me with no shortage of material; in over twenty years, I have yet to explore all the potential in any single photo. Sometimes it's hard not to drown in a sea of choices, but it's always exciting; there's so much more to image manipulation than special effects, surreal juxtapositions, or size jokes.